Prayer needs & praise; round-up

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Prayer needs & praise; round-up

Postby Dan » Tue Jun 16, 2015 1:26 am

Hi guys. This is a new feature that we will do ongoing. Please contact Tim, Phil or I, if you have a prayer request, need, praise, thanksgiving; acts of that nature. Best methods are to contact over the Skype IM, or board PM. You can also post your request on our boards.

Thanks and God bless.

Posted as text, and also as document image:

Prayer requests / Fundraiser / Praise / Projects

 Praise! Tim’s sister is recovering from an illness. Doctors and the family’s social circle are calling this a valid miracle. Praise that Sheepdog Media and our prayers were a small part of this wonderful story.

 Praise! Very close long time friend of Tina, from Dan’s real life church, is responding to treatment for an inoperable tumor.

 We are fundraising a projector (<$250) for a fellow ministry in southern India. We pray for our brothers and sisters in the persecuted church of spiritual Smyrna, who are geographically represented by the map

 Economic duress: we pray for our friends, family and fellows who are laboring to make ends meet. We pray for good jobs

 We pray and promo (verb) for Maria, who is self-employed and facing economic burden. Please buy some stuff from her stores if you can @ &

 We pray for the Christians and non-Christians who are suffering from war in Assyria and the Greater Middle East. The true story of ISIS terror continues to be cruelly covered up by the mainstream media; its victims are silenced, their sympathizers are mocked.

 Thanksgiving; we thank God for the unusual finding of each other and founding of our web ministry, and for the gift to serve in the Great Commission.
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