Prayer request round-up

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Prayer request round-up

Postby Dan » Mon Jun 29, 2015 11:39 pm

Prayer requests / Fundraiser / Praise / Projects

Prayers for health and healing for sheepdog Jeff

Prayers for Linda’s (from Dan’s church) daughter-in-law Joni who is recovering from surgery

We have successfully fundraised equipment and import fee for Joel’s church in southern India. Prayers for Joel’s church, and for all the persecuted Christians of spiritual Smyrna; Amen

We pray for Christians and non-Christians who are suffering from war in the Greater Middle East and elsewhere.

Economy: we pray for our friends, family and fellows who are laboring to make ends meet.

Prayers for fellow sheepdog Zain, who has launched a site at

Prayers for discernment & exhortation for Dan, who is writing the sheepdog notes and hopes to construct and launch vlog from those within a few days

Prayers for discernment for Suzanne, Dan’s mom

We pray and promote for Maria, who is self-employed and facing economic burden. Please buy some stuff from her stores if you can @

Prayers for people who believe in aliens/UFOs/ETs but don’t believe in Jesus Christ

We pray for all those whose eyes are closed, unaware of dangerous debt and wars. We pray for those who may be affected by quakes; and corruption, terrorism, and other acts of sin.

Thanksgiving; we thank God for the unusual finding of each other and founding of our web ministry, and for the gift to serve in the Great Commission.
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Re: Prayer request round-up

Postby Dan » Tue Jun 30, 2015 2:59 am

expanded Bulletin for Monday-Tuesday
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