my prayer. Zain.

Do you need Prayer?
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my prayer. Zain.

Postby Zain » Thu Jun 18, 2015 1:40 pm

Today I pray those who haven't found the love of god yet.

I pray for you my friend. I know you feel alone and understand your pain. I pray for you my friend. I know you live in fear and I see your tears. I pray for you my friend. And hope you hear my voice. And see my hand reaching for you. I pray for you my friend. And hope that my next prayer is together with you. And that we both will feel the love of god.

Amen, Zain.

Lucretia Nyan
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My prayer to add with Zain

Postby Lucretia Nyan » Thu Jun 18, 2015 3:00 pm

I pray with you, and add to your prayer,
I pray for those who live in a world of hate.
I pray they can let go of their hate, no matter what injustice they are facing. I pray they let go of their belief that their hate makes them stronger, for it does not. I pray they will know God and know love, for without knowing God they cannot know the Holy Spirit lives in us all, nor the everlasting love it provides. I pray that my love for them can be felt, for even if they are my enemy, they are still a child of God. Amen.
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With love,

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