Macro History

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Macro History

Postby Dan » Sun Jun 21, 2015 5:02 am

Various study guides, attached as doc.

This is a link to a .pdf map, by Creation dot com and based on the work of Archbishop James Ussher. An excellent visual for someone like for a snapshot of the whole History. ... _bible.pdf

Here is the Christian astronomer Dr. Hugh Ross with Christian Post; ... ss-139171/

Old Earth vs New Earth creationism is not a truly central (salvific) tenet of faith. It's mostly a man-made controversy cooked up by evolutionist governments, and hinges upon the flawed assertions of radiometric dating over long periods of time

Christians and non-Christian evolutionists can agree that there is about 6,000 years of modern human history (human life as we know it), per the Ussher pdf and verified by objective science.
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