Tim’s Story

My story begins at a young age, around 9 years old.  My mom would take us to church.  She says I was baptized but I do not remember it.  Later when I was about 10 my Aunt would take us kids to camp with her boys.  It was a church camp called Camp Li Lo Li (Light, Love Life),  There I was saved and baptized again.  In spite of that though I drifted apart from God and lived most of my life without thinking of God much at all.  I feel I was a decent person but I did  a lot of things wrong.  I had 5 sons and took none of them to church for one.

In May of 2014 I noticed that my vision was failing. I went to the eye doctor and he confirmed that a disease I had in my right eye called Fuchs Corneal Dystrophy had progressed to where I was no longer able to drive and it would only worsen. He recommended me for a risky procedure where they remove the inner layer of your cornea and replace it with a donor part. I was leary of this as I only have one good eye as it is and they wanted to cut on it! So, I prayed to God to help me decide. I decided that if after praying everything fell into place to get it done, that must be His answer. It did, I came up with the money ($8000 out of pocket). I had to re-mortgage my truck. When that was approved I figured I had my answer. So I had the procedure done and after a couple weeks I was so blind, went back and they put me under again to “air it up!”. That worked and the next morning I could see. It took a few months to heal but when it did I could again drive! That is when I decided I needed to know more about God and just how to thank Him. For 2 years I read no other book except for some devotionals. In 2016 I was again having trouble seeing and was at risk of not driving again. My cataract had kicked in. The dr again gave me dire warnings about how risky the surgery could be on my ONLY good eye. I again prayed and felt led to trust God with it. I had it done and now I do not need glasses at all! Praise God.

On February 8th, 2015 at about 9:15 AM I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior as an adult and came back into the fold!  I think I was saved just before that but my pastor seemed convinced I had to do it in church.  In any case I did and am being baptized yet again in a lake at a big baptismal event the church puts on each year.

I started reading the Bible last December of 2015 or so and have now read much of the Old Testament and the New Testament several times.  I still read it and do Bible studies and continue to learn as I read the Word with more and gain more understanding each time.

I was a Prayer Warrior for the church’s crisis center.  I went there an Saturdays and pray with the people that come in for groceries or to eat.  Some come for haircuts or just to pray.  It is very uplifting for them and me.  I have personally seen God at work in many lives, including my own through prayer.

The Word says to pray ceaselessly.  Do it.  It works.

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