Phil’s Story

Hello, my name is Phillip and I am one of the Shepherds here at Sheep Dog Media.  As my first Blog I want to do a simple introduction of who I am and my testimony of Jesus Christ.   I was born in Jacksonville, FL into a family that claimed the Baptist religion.  Growing up in my neighborhood as a child, I never really had to worry about being kid napped or true struggling.  In fact as a child I could say that I was really blessed with a family that had the means to take care of me.

As a child I considered myself lucky because it seemed at that time, there was an epidemic of divorce and families being pulled a part.  However, I thought I was very lucky that my parents loved each other and I had a full blood brother.    I also questioned a lot about God to my parents and a lot of the time I started hearing, I will tell you when you are older.  Growing up, we understand that our parents want to protect us from harsh truths.  However, this is probably the worse thing they could of done.  As I found out many truths from other mouths…My parents were not active in a church as I grew up, however my brother and I went with friends of ours and picked us up twice a week.

In my time doing so, I was baptized at a really young age.  When I came home that day from church I had told my parents.  “I was baptized today!” and I knew what it meant, I was so happy. However, they were not so happy.  My mother got upset and my father said to me “Son you don’t know what it means to be baptized!?  Why weren’t we called?!

I became pretty confused at the reaction of my parents and why they were so upset that I was baptized, even though I was very active in church.   From that day on, my parents didn’t let me or my brother go to church with my friends.

Right as my teenage life began my parents were divorced and I began to become very angry individual.  I just started to fill up with hate and blow up at the slightest sign of defense.  I remained with my father and my mom left.  My father didn’t drink very much while I was growing up, I can remember him drunk one time throughout my baby stages.   Thirteen years later however ended up being a different story.

My father began to go to bars and would leave and my brother home by ourselves, of course we were 13 and 15 years old.  He was in his 30s and we understood that.  However, we didn’t realize how it would consume him and steer him away from Jesus.

My dad never talked bad about Jesus and loved Jesus more than anything in the world.  However, I believe he felt betrayed.   His anger I believe ended


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