Jeff’s Story

Personal introduction
My name is Jeff Virden. I was born to the earth on July 29, 1972. I asked the Lord into my heart on June 28, 1997; then I was reborn to God on Oct. 23, 2011.
I feel that all of these dates are important because the first one was the day God created me, then I realized He wanted me, and finally I accepted all He has to give me and all I had to give up in order to fully receive His gift of salvation. In June of 97 I was arrested because of a crime I was involved associated with. I met a man named John Sanslow who was also in jail except he was not bitter about his situation. Instead, he was content and seeming happy to be there. On the day of June 27th I asked him how he could be so happy to be in a place such as where we were. He talked to me all day about Jesus, and then asked me if I have ever taken the time to read the Bible. My answer was “no, anytime I have tried to I would just fall asleep.” He then challenged me to pray and ask God for His wisdom and understanding of what I was about to read, and then read the Book of John. The next day, I could not wait to talk to him again about what had taken place that night. I read all of the Book of John and I wanted to learn much more. He led me through the prayer asking God into my heart and we from that day would study God’s word until I was released a few weeks later.
I started going to church and met my wife shortly after. But I went right back to my old ways after I was out of jail with the excepting that I was going to church on Sundays. I didn’t have time to study God’s word on my own; I was too busy living my life for myself. O Lord, did I have everything wrong.
On Sept. 3, 2010 I wrecked my motorcycle and broke my spine in four different locations, two in my neck and two in my lower back. Now I had nothing but time to give all of my attention to the Lord. After healing some from the surgery on my neck I was able to sit up again and even walk a little. I started studying the Bible again, and then on Oct 23, 2011. I gave up my old ways and fell to my knees asking God to take control of every detail of my life. It was like the blind man when Jesus spit on the ground and rubbed the clay on his eyes telling him to go and wash the clay off. I was blind and suddenly I could finally see all of His glory. From that day forth my entire existence here on the earth is to serve Him and reach out to His people, and be their guide throughout their journey of discovering His truths; which brings me to today.