Sheep Dog 110

Sheepdog 110: Global Christianity and Monogenés (uniqueness; only begotten)


John 21:25 (KJV) And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written. Amen.


Christianity is true, global, unique, and extraordinary. Jesus Christ is the most central person and influential person in history. He is a spiritual leader, whereas the kings of man are military/political conquerors and they fall to Ozymandias fate.


The existence of Christendom is improbable. In 2015, the global population was estimated of professed (self-identified) Christians to be nearly 2.2 billion persons. The devotion of the ancient martyrs remains one of the most persuasive evidences in favor of the gospel’s truth. These ancient martyrs were Jewish Christians and Roman Christians who co-founded the earthly Church (of which Jesus is the head of the family).


Roman Christians were like an ex-pat nation (ethnos) within a multinational pagan empire who had to overcome fierce persecution that was common for most of 3 centuries. Using accurate historiography, we know that there wasn’t enough time for legendary development, as only two generations later was the start of the 1st century. The Da Vinci Code theory is total leftist fiction.


Matthew 24:14 (KJV) And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.


These verses are a matter of prophecy and description of the Christian global people. It’s rather incredible that this gospel did manage to predominate and evangelize nearly the whole world. The top 12 nations with large Christian population are roughly China, India, Russia, US, Brazil, Mexico, Nigeria, Philippines, Congo, Ethiopia, Italy and Germany. No other faith or religion comes even close to that kind of global diversity. The numbers posted and people’s self-identification are matters of free-will. They are not forced to convert at the tip of a sword or gun (unlike under Islamofascist regimes), in fact in many cases (spiritual Smyrna) the opposite happens and their Christianity threatens/shortens their life expectancy.


I quoted earlier from Matthew 24 (v6-7) where there are many wars, plagues, and diverse earthquakes. Continuing from there, with special focus on verse 9:


Matthew 24:8-10

8 All these are the beginning of sorrows.

9 Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake.

10 And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.


The two next-largest religions or worldviews are Islam and Hinduism. Muslims and Hindus are ethno-religious groups of people. For the most part they enjoy stronghold advantage within their nations, and most countries get challenged by foreign wars. Hindus are not being killed for professing Hinduism in Hindu nations and states. Muslims are not being killed for professing Islam in Islamic nations (unless they are in a Sunni-Shia hotzone, which is actual quite common). Better stated, Sunni Muslims are not killed for that reason in secure Sunni nations, and Shia Muslims are not killed for that reason in secure Shia nations.


Sometimes we do see similar levels of hatred and violence in Sunni Islam vs. Shia Islam wars for about 1300 years, or cases of Islamofascist war of aggression vs. Sikh and Hindu persons. There is also a little known and scarcely reported on story in subtle Myanmar, where Muslims are being killed and persecuted by radical atheistic-Buddhists.


In the links, I’ve added sources on the cosmological argument and resurrection argument. Paul reminds us of the essential doctrine that is the resurrection belief:


1 Corinthians 14:19

14 And if Christ be not risen, then is our preaching vain, and your faith is also vain.

15 Yea, and we are found false witnesses of God; because we have testified of God that he raised up Christ: whom he raised not up, if so be that the dead rise not.

16 For if the dead rise not, then is not Christ raised:

17 And if Christ be not raised, your faith is vain; ye are yet in your sins.

18 Then they also which are fallen asleep in Christ are perished.

19 If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable.


This reflects some game theory. Nobody would endure so much abuse unless they truly believed that Christ is raised. Think about all the martyrs from Roman Christians in 100s AD to Arab Christians in 2010s AD.


If Christianity were false, then non-Christians ought to view Christians with compassion and deep empathy. This is not the reaction though (reasonable pity for what they may interpret as mental illness) among the non-Christians and mainstream majority, and we find that a spectrum disorder of Christianophobic feelings is extremely influential over their views on “what’s up with Christians? They sure seem confident as if they know the correct answer.” Moreover, Christians are to have compassion for the non-Christians, since do we know the correct answer and we’re trying to help them out. That is, Christians practice lots of evangelism. We don’t hear about strong case-making evangelism of non-Christians unto various groups of people. Atheism, secular humanism, and governmental evolutionism all do have a religious core, but they don’t evangelize or give choice with grace. It’s more like they badger and grill people into conforming to the culture-at-large. As William Lane Craig notes, there has been a profound and fruitful renaissance in Anglo-American Christian philosophy over the past half-century. This is the field and tradition that I’ve immersed myself into, and it’s a lot of fun.


In the previous entry, I started explaining the Nations. The Bible indicates that Israelis scattered, became globally populous, and seeded many nations and mixed with those ethnos. I live in a town that is over half Jewish-American. I’ve known white Jews and bronze Jews. All of us are mixed, so this not a matter of contorting some “special blessing” for Anglo-American descendants that doesn’t exist. The blessing and the spiritual covenant is Christianity, and this has been open to all people of all nations. What’s fascinating is how Christianity became very popular and culturally cherished in Western Europe, and with UK/US who became mighty empires. The point of this table is to show some of the nations and how they’re fates and pre-histories are entwined with Israel.


Dr. Thiel wrote “We in the Continuing Church of God believe that the descendants of Israel traveled to many places. While the following list may need some adjustment, it basically reflects where many of us have been taught those descendants went (even though some of each are scattered throughout many lands)” and includes a table that I have reformatted to make it visually easier.



A basic working knowledge of the nations and their place in history is important, as without it then many of the details and Scriptural insights will be confusing and bewildering. When we apply the Manasseh hypothesis to America, then it holds up and has descriptive and predictive value. When I crunch some of these more outlandish (as in bizarre or unfamiliar) theories, I ask myself a two-fold question: does this work glorify God, and glorify Jesus? First we can apply that to the writer herself and heartfelt motivations; that is, it’s usually easy to discern whether or not someone is filled with the Spirit and in love with Jesus. Then I apply it a second time and I evaluate whether the work itself glorifies Jesus, and gives a more maximum and glorious portrait of Scripture. The Anglo-Israeli view has plenty of critics, and many of them are Christians, but I don’t think most of them have read the book on this topic. If they had, then they may find themselves closer to my more open-minded view. I apply the “does it glorify Jesus? Does it maximize Scripture (within the clear text)?” challenge and I see biblical evidence and more evidence that the Anglo-Israeli view (concerning Ephraim and Manasseh as UK and US) is on point. As noted, you can read the book and/or longer essay. It wouldn’t be a viable position or biblical position if didn’t have many Scriptures and general logic backing it, but it does.



Research and Resources:


Book: J.H. Allen: Judah’s Sceptre and Joseph’s Birthright: An Analysis of the Prophecies of Scripture in Regard to the Royal Family of Judah and the Many Nations of Israel [1902]


Biblical Ethnos

Modern Ethnos






dignified but troubled

Genesis 49:3-4



Judah or present-day Israel

linked strongly with the city of Jerusalem

(Ezra 4:12; see also Location of Judah: This tribe is not ‘lost’)



-?-; possible Western Euros; Judah (Jews)

scattered among the lands/tribes

Genesis 49:5



-?-; mainly Judah

scattered among the lands/tribes

Genesis 49:5




a strong donkey that sits between two burdens (Europe and Russia)

Genesis 49:14




haven by the sea

Genesis 49:13





Genesis 49:19



Denmark; Ireland

on the outskirts

Genesis 49:17



Belgium; Luxembourg

wealthy; royal dainties

Genesis 49:20





attractively described; a beautiful deer

Genesis 49:21



Norway; Iceland

vikings; a ravenous wolf

Genesis 49:27



Britain; Canada; Australia; New Zealand; South Africa; and Northern Ireland

company of nations

Genesis 48:19



United States of America

blessed nation

Genesis 48:19