Sheep Dog 106

Sheepdog 106: Recap


This is an index style of entry. Having written and completed 101-105, I’m now going to work backwards and enhance that body of work with resources, research and references. This review will provide the basis for new stories and a road map.


In Sheepdog 101, I wrote about the basics. Two critical resources for learning more about sheepdog studies and real economics are Lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman, and independent economist and programmer Martin Armstrong.


On Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs

Real Economics


Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is an excellent case-maker for geopolitical realism and independent media. He is a popular writer, and former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury.


I also reflected on practical advice; the ongoing global economic collapse and its relation to civil unrest (top story: Jade Helm). I noted that the mission/goal of independent (and libertarian) media and conservative media are to win hearts and minds and persuade people by reason, evidence, and grace. We want the American troops and police officers to stand with the American people. For that to happen, they need to trust that the American people support them. If not, then they will be tempted to stand with the multinational troops. We don’t know the day or the hour, but the Bible warns us of a tyrannical world government.


In Sheepdog 102, I covered a range of issues using the historical persons and speeches of Dwight D. Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy as my anchor. I defined and discussed the relationship among key terms such as: shadow government, power elite, friendly elite contacts, globalism, conspiracy theory, and institutional analysis.


Eisenhower Farewell Address to the Nation

Key terms: military industrial complex, technological elite


C. Wright Mills (1956), power elite: collusion/monopoly of military-corporate-political interests


John F. Kennedy


The American Declaration of Independence remains a powerful reminder that our nation and constitutional liberties were inspired and greatly influenced by Judeo-Christianity. Despite the protests of leftist guilt-trip white-wash revisionist pseudo-history, it remains true that American founding history is also Christian history.

In Sheepdog 103, I wrote about conspiracy, prophecy, and I centered it around parts of my born again revelation story. I wrote off the cuff and will use this space to link in some materials that weren’t directly related to 103 topics. Some of these links are simply excellent case-making essays for new Christians or seekers who want to learn about some of the most persuasive arguments in favor of the truth of biblical Christianity.

Operation Northwoods

pages: 1, 5, 8 (item 4), page 10 (item 7-8) [about 3 pages altogether]


In Sheepdog 104, I wrote about the relationship among mega-quakes, undercities, Federal Reserve, and mystery booms.


In Sheepdog 105, I mentioned that both NATO War and ISIS War are antagonists toward Christians in the context of War of the Saints, and I noted that this mass violence and Western denial/silence will be a major catalyst for God’s outpouring of wrath.


In Sheepdog 106 (this round-up paper), I summarized 101-105 and assembled and expanded upon a number of resources/research/reference that affirm my points. I also introduced some new case-makers and case-making sets that will now be developed in greater depth.