Sheep Dog 104

Sheepdog 104: mystery quakes and undercities foreshadow the end


In wondering about what to write about, to continue this 10x series of Sheepdog basics, I’m going to pick a few targets, develop those stories, and then explain how they are all inter-related.


The targets/topics are: mega-quakes (recall I mentioned these in 103), deep underground military bunkers (D.U.M.B.s), Federal Reserve, and mystery booms. Only 4 topics; let’s reason our way through how all these factors are working together.


I will also make reference to top stories, Jade Helm in this case. A top story is any major piece of national or world news that develops over a longer period of time. is an independent and excellent news outlet for scholarly short papers, and they’ve been covering Jade Helm. Later on, I will connect Jade Helm to NATO War, another top story. There are so many acronyms and colors when we are talking about war and politics.


Ok, to sum up what a “top story” is, I condemn the big box media for writing and promoting this “race war” story. They also cover-up and dissemble the genocide of Arab Christians. What a disgrace. Yes, reality is racist, and these problems have always existed in US and world. The problem is that the big box media are turning the truth upside down and then around, which is what the devil does. All of the most persuasive, pervasive, insidious lies tend to have some truth baked into the cake. Truth gets confounded (“Babel” means “confusion”) in the mass of state-sanctioned lies.


Now, I return to the task of mega-quakes and D.U.M.B. construction. I wrote about mega-quakes and how I believe as a matter of faith and evidence that these are in our imminent future. Matthew 24 is one of the key chapters discussing the classical signs of the End Times.


Matthew 24:7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.


Alright, we know that there is nothing truly new under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9-10 principle), but how can we disagree that Matthew 24 is becoming more true and more accurate in the 21st century? One of my favorite and best prophecy teachers (and students) who I know of is Amy Van Gerpen. Consider her site here. The key piece of evidence that I deploy here is the government graph of seismic data that they actually took down and had to remove because it started getting so much press. It is practically a smoking gun, and admission that quakes are increasing globally in both frequency (quantity) and intensity (quality).


A mega-quake would simply be a much larger quake that devastates most of the world, somewhere around 11 on the Richter scale. Consider the cover of The Economist 2015, which shows 2 arrows indicating mega-quakes of 11.0 or greater.


Let’s consider the geophysical map of America, and some of our dooming liabilities. There are three big ones: San Andreas Fault, the Yellowstone Caldera, and the New Madrid seismic zone (along Mississippi river). Consider that a respected Russian defense analyst made news in April 2015 when he stated that Moscow should nuke Yellowstone if the Cold War 2 goes hot.


Now, regardless of whether he’s scientifically correct on that or not (to nuke Yellowstone = to effectively nuke the whole America with a caused supervolcano), that is extremely dangerous rhetoric for American or Russian leaders to be saying in public. It really shows how horrible American-Russian relations have become during the Obama regime. I’m shocked, actually shocked, because I really hated Bush when I was a young kid of around 17. I still think he’s bad and a counterfeit and globalist, but what’s amazing to me is how good our foreign relations with rival countries were during those Bush years. The Second Gulf War was a fiasco, but at least Bush won his own war. Then Obama lost that war, and now we have an ISIS War and a road to Third Gulf War. What a disastrous presidency his has been; I feel personally ashamed that I was ever beguiled by his rhetoric, even so that I voted for him not once but twice. Aye that’s correct, even as recently as 2012; I still believed that it was essentially a two-party system.


So, I’ve talked about the credibility of quakes and mega-quakes, and some of the evidence behind that. You can also do your own search for earthquakes and see all the countries in diverse places that have been rocked within the past 1.5 decade. It’s common knowledge at this point, and sure, there’s that human ability to rationalize evidence away if it makes us uncomfortable. For example, maybe the data is funny, or maybe we only “hear about it more now because of the web.” Eh that’s a factor yeah, but it’s bigger than that. Now my task is to pivot from mega-quakes to deep underground military bunkers. To abbreviate, I will coin these DUMB systems as “Undercity” or undercities. Yes, I am thinking about the Undercity of World of Warcraft, a game that I never played by the way. I’ve played other war games where I’ve led as GM.


In this portrait of New Federal Budget, they are literally dumping tons of money into a hole in the ground. This could be a reference to investments (secret trillions) in deep underground military bunkers.


Originally this was to be a two-page short paper. Now it’s looking to end up around three. Such is the demand of quality and quantity, although sometimes too much is not ideal. These posts are meant to be conversational, light, educational, and fun. Regarding the undercities, they are exactly what they sound like. These are deep underground military bunkers, originally conceived to provide survival options in the event of World War 3 via Cold War 1. Now they are enjoying a renaissance in attention and bankroll as the age of globalist wars unfolds. I believe that both World War III and World War IV are predicted by the Bible.


Recall in Matthew 24:7 that Jesus mentioned pestilences. Another word and more ancient term for that is plague. A more modern word describing the same is pandemic. I’m expecting that the End Times will be very medieval, with lots of plagues and wars. The Bible even identifies these Undercity structures (Isaiah 2, Isaiah 24, and Daniel 11) as major set pieces in the final wars and last battles. Using our common sense and what we know from thinking about nuclear war vs. undercities, then yeah, the DUMBs represent a defensive response to nuclear fire and other fires. It makes sense that the elite would build these things in case we did end up in a nuclear war situation, such as in the classic movie Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. The Cold War has been revived as Cold War 2, so the original reason for investing in them stands. Moreover, there are new factors and new threats such as terrorism, pandemics, civil wars, and various natural disasters.


Now I pivot from Undercity to Federal Reserve. This is an easy segue to make. If the DUMBs are one of the most important pieces on the Monopoly board of real estate, then the Federal Reserve is simply the bank that pays for it.


To summarize the Federal Reserve (I am writing this off the cuff from memory and research): in 1913, Congress passed the illegal and anti-constitutional Federal Reserve Act. In it, they outsourced the government’s constitutional responsibility to print money. They outsourced money-printing to a non-governmental bank that is the Federal Reserve. Now, this bank loans money to our government at interest. The interest is compounding at an exponential rate of growth that can never be paid off, and this is by design. This fact of compounding debt that can never be paid off (currently $18 trillion for US national debt) is part of the financial engineering and why they wanted a Federal Reserve.


The Federal Reserve is basically the piggy bank of rich multinational banks and power elites. Once you do the math and follow the money, and learn about the politics and history somewhat, then you’ll be shocked to learn that this is an actual pyramid scheme that is operating in plain sight. The bank cartels literally own and operate the governments using money. John F. Kennedy realized that we did not need this Federal Reserve and he could print a dollar backed by silver via the executive. This fact is one of the top 3 reasons why he was assassinated. JFK was a president for the American people, not a president for multinational corporations. I would argue that every president since JFK has been hired into this job description, to be president for multinationals and foreign money. The other 2 major factors why the globalist power elite plotted against JFK are Operation Northwoods, and the Vietnam War.


Now, with a mind toward wrapping up, I weave in the mystery booms. Witnesses and towns have been hearing and reporting some mysterious boom-sounding explosions. These booms could be related to both the seismic activity and the undercities, but I think that the answer leans toward the Undercity side. The booms tend to sound like underground explosions, most likely in relation to a rapid construction expansion of the Undercity complex. This theory is consistent with the fear of a Jade Helm globalist mobilization and race against the clock to be prepared for global economic collapse; US state failure, martial law, and a betrayal of the American people.


Really, I’m not trying to scare folks, and I keep my heart on Jesus and all the promises of Scripture. The Bible predicts that there will be a 7-year reign of terror that will be known generally as the Revelation. Then, after the enemies of God have been destroyed, there will be a 1,000-year millennial reign, and then Eternity. In other words, there’s bad news and good news. For people who are not armored in the faith of Christ, it’s going to be harder for them to know my heart and mind. I approach this field with a mix of emotions including shock, perplexity, compassion, love, and security, and I describe my outlook as realist-optimist.


Having covered my targets and given the reader much to think about, I conclude this post with a suitable and brief verse.


Nahum 1:7 The Lord is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble; and he knoweth them that trust in him.



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