Sheep Dog 102

Sheepdog 102: quick survey and key terms of lingo


Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy were sheepdogs, military men and presidents. The rest of this short paper will define key terms and lingo, since it’s important to know what we’re talking about. For some of us this is review, and others are catching up or learning for the first time. The fun news about sheepdog is that it’s possibly to catch-up very rapidly! Based on my born again saga, I think of the word Godspeed now as a double entendre.


I praise God and glorify Jesus Christ for giving me sort of various “cognitive bonuses” that allow me to learn, teach and write with great agility. This has been a new experience and its one of those things where I just know its proof of the Holy Ghost, and its something that never happened before (reading and writing volumes upon volumes of dense case material).


“In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together.” Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Farewell Address to the Nation. January 17, 1961.


power elite: collusion/monopoly of military-corporate-political interests (coined by C. Wright Mills in 1956 book); power elitists (as in people and their programs) can be estimated at around the .1% and .01% of wealth-holders and/or income-earners

military industrial complex; and technological elite (coined by Ike in 1961 speech)

monolithic and ruthless conspiracy (coined by JFK in 1961 speech)

conspiracy theory (coined by CIA)

friendly elite contacts (coined by CIA in the same de-classified paper)

institutional analysis: the antithesis of conspiracy theorist is perhaps an institutional analyst. To learn more, in the resources there is an excellent global research paper by Dr. Katherine Smith. There are strong resources and links for all of these boldest claims.

globalism: an ideology of world government, this is both a goal and a core value of the power elite, and nobody likes it when their core values are threatened. The existence of globalism was once considered outlandish conspiracy theory, but now it has largely conquered into mainstream discourse and public consciousness, owing partly to the efforts of conservative, independent, and libertarian media.


There we have 7 key terms established. We do see that American life and culture during 1950s were greatly shaped by conspiracies and Cold War geopolitics. Top leaders such as Ike and JFK were influenced by elite conspiracies, and they warned the nation of it in their own words at some of their most significant speeches.


It is reasonable to be confident in John F. Kennedy’s status as a martyr for sheepdog values and liberty values. As a matter of faith and evidence, I believe that JFK died also as a Christian martyr and saint although this aspect of his biography gets less attention and prose.


Consider the beautiful New York City skyscraper cross lights during the 1950s, and we are reminded that there has always been an ongoing cosmic battle for the soul of American hearts and minds. There are times where we are reminded of what’s best and most beautiful about Americans, as in the case of those heroes who stopped a terrorist gunman on that Paris train.


I believe that this contest has been a matter of biblical Christianity versus, essentially, globalism or multi-national imperialism. It had a different shape and form in the late 1700s, yet it was essentially the same pursuit and empire-builder’s dream of world government then as now.


Here are 2 more important terms and implications to conclude the survey.


Mystery Babylon: this mystery nation is best identified as probably America. Mystery Babylon will be a powerful Last Days nation (empire), and will be destroyed utterly by fire and then supplanted by the final antichrist kingdom and European beast power. This is an enormous subject matter and I must conclude with that for nutshell.

Babel system: “confusion,” Babel system is a regime type and philosophy of world government. It began in ancient times and was founded by Nimrod. There will be another Babel empire and horrific system to be revived for the end times.


The philosophy of world government is quite fascinating and timely. We are very far advanced into the realization of a United Nations tyrannical empire situation. Recall that Mystery Babylon will be utterly destroyed; her enemies have it in their hearts to give dismantle that kingdom and give the parts unto the final antichrist empire. In the UN and Russia, I see two major geopolitical rivals who are going to issue a devastating coup de grace (killing blow) to the US.


UN and Russia will be major actors in devastating the US. We can look at this from the prophecy perspective and living history perspective. This is a painful topic for many Americans to read or talk about, but we cannot be in denial (as Christians and Americans) that America has become an evil empire. I believe this nation is now the womb of the final antichrist’s empire of horrors, and what I expect to see happen is possibly a mass exodus of devout people and decent people leaving the country as or around the time it starts crashing and burning.


There has always been a strong shadow culture and vibrant biblical Christianity in places like Israel today, or Rome, and America, but the multinational pagan empires have always held the upper hand and posted larger numbers. It’s much easier to recruit and grow a mob mass (for empire-building purposes, or culture war, to name 2 examples) when you only tell them things that they want to hear. Think about how easy and cheap it is for the Democrats blow that dog whistle and whip together a leftist mob of college students and affluent non-workers to go protesting in favor of race war politics and police demonization politics.


In co-founding and building up Sheepdog Media, I’ve staked out a more controversial yet reasonable platform. Biblical Christianity is radical. It teaches that the world and “most people” are evil. This has an auto-winnowing effect on various anti-theists, Christianophobes, leftists and folks like that. However, I find myself within the genre and appealing to an exciting range of persons for whom I have a passionate desire to case-make and write content for: Christians, nominal-lukewarm, non-Christians, youth, college students, businessmen, businesswomen, veterans/military, law enforcement, educators, lonely individuals, low-income persons, the unemployed, and a few other groups.



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