Sheep Dog 101

Sheepdog 101: generic threat rises as the global economy sinks


Maranatha! What follows is the Rule of 3s, physically you can survive:

3 minutes without air; 3 hours without shelter; 3 days without water; 3 weeks without food


This basic is a good piece of survival science. It is a useful reminder for (main point) revealing our most urgent priority, then the second. These apply mainly to outdoor and wilderness situations, yet they apply to all survival situations. Many scenarios will be indoor and urban.


I recommend that you be preparing for a global economic super-crash, and death of the American dollar. At some point, the dollar will lose 90% of its value. This will be the end of paper money, so watch out for the SDR (special drawing rights) which will probably be digital. The SDR is the IMF (UN) one world dollar.


My short-list of useful goods: water, food, silver, weapons (defense). That’s basically it. We can add fuel and other goods, but more important is spiritual armor and prayer. Note that we’ve made a sort of “top 5 prayer requests” that are largely inclusive, and we invite and encourage you to join our prayer chain.


For defense, it is best to do this only within the armor of the law. There will be a time, not yet but somewhat imminent, when Barack Hussein Obama activates the already-signed Executive Order 13603. Civil disobedience against the tyranny will be essential then, because mass forced gun control always leads to a situation where the government slaughters millions of disarmed citizens and civilians.


When the government no longer trusts its own citizens to have 1st amendment (broadly, freedoms of expression) rights or 2nd amendment rights (self-defense), then the country has become Stalinist. A civil massacre describes a mass democide that is on the civil war spectrum. The Russian Civil War would be considered a true civil war, whereas the Stalinist and Nazi democide events would’ve been civil massacres. I would even consider the US Civil War to be better defined as the American Regional War.


When we take the whole counsel of the Bible into view, it’s clear that the realism/self-defense view of force has the most support. There is counsel and critical doctrine on peace-making and lawful pacifism. Using the case of Romans 13, we are to draw the line somewhere around “lawless evil.” Watch out for a bastardized reading of Romans 13 which demands that Christians are to roll over and be enslaved, imprisoned, or tortured by devil worshippers and forced to worship devils. In a later post, I will make a longer case for why, yes, of course Christians and non-Christians have a biblical right to self-defense and lawful defense vs. lawless evil, this ethic is the source from where we got the 2nd amendment right that endorses and defines the very same principle.


The bottom line is this: if we’ve done a good job (conservative media, libertarian and independent media), then the super-majority of police officers and American troops will be on the side of the American people. This is why the foreign troops and UN-NATO are necessary if the globalists are indeed to try and garrison the whole nation (top story: Jade Helm).

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