Sheep Dog 1.17: Round-up of random research links (part 1)

Every so often, I sweep through my facebook wall and delete a bunch of “obsolete posts.” That doesn’t mean that the stories are now obsolete, but as a post, they’ve become obsolete. Too much clutter is simply too overwhelming for many, so I’ll make a selective edit of which to keep and which to remove. The stories and research links remain highly relevant, so I move them from one place to another. In this post you will see a medley of those links, nutshells, and top stories. These I will attempt to logically connect the dots in some order and larger story. Sometimes I export them over to the sheepdog forum as well. I actually post quite a lot of content over the facebook, and I’m surprised more people haven’t told me off or deleted me.

This is a famous image, hosted in this case by Zero Hedge, the apocalyptic economic forecasting news blog and aggregator.

Previously, I wrote about what it means when we refer to “the Nations.” On the graphic shown by Charles Hugh Smith, we find the nations somewhere between the fifth and sixth stages right now. 6 is when the red ink starts eating the productive citizens. The largest industries are either public sector, or they are private sector that couldn’t exist without substantial free money from the fed. Some of the biggest ones are these: Wall Street (financial industrial complex), military, medical industrial and big pharma, energy industrial complex (including oil/gas and certain “green” businesses), big food, drug war, bought courts and prison industrial complex (you can search for “Kids for Cash” scandal), abortion industry and organ trafficking; political-media industry, and all these fed and state agencies. They stay in business because it’s mandated by government dictat, and most of their revenue is given to them by the fed which comes directly from soaking the taxpayer. Leftists say, let’s give em a free pass.

If they were forced to sink or swim like every other authentically free-market private business, then they would sink. This is part of why I like Donald Trump. He’s private sector, and that’s where he made his enterprise. The public sector industries, at this point, are massive failures that have also been sheltered from free-market outcomes. They stay in business because the government says they stay in business. Have you EVER heard of a government project that is both under-budget and ahead of schedule? Never! But it happens all the time in the private sector, and among Trump projects.

Here is a case of incompetent agencies (I mentioned some of these just above) dissembling & projecting their own failures onto conservative media.

Some good news; as far as I can tell, Iceland is the only country who got it right. To restore the peoples’ faith in the public sector (namely in government), the country has got to clean up the sludge and get it out of government and all their pet industries. Just throw the bums out on the street, where they would already be if not for sheltering themselves from free-market outcomes. That means they have to clean up the banks.

The global research link is

Here is another case of government picking winners. Common Core is a total catastrophe, with the goal of dumbing down our children and turning them into “useful idiots” and “happy corporatists.” Schools (the system-at-large) do not even teach kids how to memorize facts. They teach them to memorize, and they also don’t teach them how to learn. I try and teach people the skills necessary for a lifetime of independent study, which should be fun. I guess that’s why I’m effectively not allowed to work in public schools anymore, given my long paper trail on this subject.

Here is a song by Christian hip hop artist NF that I really like. A brief inspirational for fellow believers!

Robert Plutchik devised a useful Roda Emosi Plutchik emotions wheel in 1980.

Hope is defined as anticipation plus trust. Awe is defined as fear plus surprise. Love is defined as joy plus trust. Optimism is defined as anticipation plus joy.

I love the Emerson station and independent radio. You can listen from your computer, and they sometimes play Christian music. 88.9 Emerson College independent music station covers Greater Boston and live stream. Nice range of pleasing genres. Often a capella Sundays, fantastic.

Psalm 59:5 You, LORD God of hosts, are God of Israel. Rouse yourself to punish all the nations; spare none of those who treacherously plot evil. Selah

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is an excellent writer and speaker, and a former Assistant Treasury Secretary for Reagan admin. That is, he has tons of experience working in government and economics, and now he is a vocal warrior for freedom. This is a very good title, as it is simply stated and establishes a relationship: war threat rises, as the US economy declines.

To be continued and concluded in part 2 of 2.