Praise/Prayer Requests

Praises: I am thankful for the Lord guiding me through the Holy Spirit which dwells in my heart. I am also thankful for the opportunities He gives me to share His name and Word with others either by my own personal actions and by my interactions with another person. Furthermore, I am thankful for an answered prayer of getting a new doctor through the VA. (I just received notice of a check up next month on the 21st.) Due to the knowledge which God has given me, last but most definitely not least, I am thankful in advance of what the Lord is going to take care of as He wills.

Prayers: Cheyanne Perry is still in the hospital, and they are seeing things as when one thing positive happens more things negative happen to her body. We are praying for Jesus to reach down and touch this young lady in a way that everyone around her will only see that it is God who helped her not the doctors or specialists. Please also pray for Tim’s wife Marji; praying that all is cleared, however if not that they will still see the love of Jesus through it. (We must not forget Job) Pray for Gene, Keven’s uncle with his medical illness. I would like to finally like to add myself to this prayer list, I am having some problems focusing on the research and writing out the “Spiritual Gifts” Bible study guide we have been working on. I pray that God will control my thoughts and concentration on His word that the Holy Spirit will be the One who controls what is put in place with the study guide.

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